Pub Trivia Night Is Hilarious Fun

trivia nightTuesday Trivia Night with Craig Marandola is simply hilarious fun. Craig is at Uno Pizzeria and Grill in Smithfield, 371 Putnam Pike, starting at 8 p.m., every Tuesday night through the summer. There’s no need to be shy, even if you walk in alone, because others are often giggling about being shy, too. Everyone is having fun making teams with strangers at the bar and making new instant friends. Trivia Night makes a great ice breaker.

Making new friends at the pub on Trivia Night

Last week I went in to Uno’s to grab a quick bite alone at Uno’s bar. It was a beautiful evening. Tall windows brightened the pub area with twilight. I was lucky to stumble upon Trivia Night hosted by WRIK Entertainment. Craig came by with trivia cards for the game, so I thought, why not? Typically I get shy with games, especially since I don’t want to show how little I know. I got over my shyness quickly, thanks to others at the bar. Within a few minutes the couple sitting next to me leaned over and said, “Are you playing? Want to join our team? The more brains the better!”

It wasn’t long before we were laughing and joking like old buddies. The variety of categories made the chances of us getting right answers good. The categories are Pop Culture, Pictures, History, Sports, Puzzles, Music and a General category. “I suck at pop culture,” giggled Nicole, one of my teammates.

Nicole and her boyfriend James said they just happened to stop by, too. “We love trivia, and seeing the sign that it’s Trivia Night tonight is an added bonus,” they agreed. “We’ll definitely mark this on the calendar and come back!”

Admittedly, some of the questions were tough. We all kind of stared at each other when Craig’s rich voice boomed out, “Who was the former three-term governor of New York who died on January first, earlier this year?”

Well, I suppose it would not have been so tough if I paid attention to the news. Was it Ed Koch? No, he was mayor of New York City, and he died a couple of years ago. Was it Mario Cuomo? We put down Cuomo as our answer. And we guessed right.

The celebrity pictures were a big surprise. Where did these images come from, I wondered. Were they all mug shots? “Who is that?” One of our teammates pointed to a washed out looking woman.

I took a closer look. “Looks like Sharon Stone to me.”

“Wow, she looks awful!” exclaimed Nicole. We chuckled at some of the other pictures, too. These are the kind of images that get buried by the press, because they are not the typical glamor shots.

In the end we did not win the big prizes. Yet we all made new friends, and had some good laughs together. Whether you are alone or with a friend or two, consider hanging out at Uno’s pub on Tuesday nights in Smithfield. Going out for a bite and a beverage is a lot more fun when you have a reason to mingle, like game night.

For more information about Uno Pizzeria and Grill, visit Uno's website or call 401-233-4570. See you on Tuesday night for Trivia!


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