More Fun, More Customers, More Profit
WRIK Entertainment has been providing weekly entertainment at restaurants, bars and lounges since 1990. We help increase business on those dreaded slow nights. Check us out at one of our venues listed on our NIGHT LIFE SCHEDULE.

Karaoke Nights
Karaoke is for those who sing like Sinatra and for those who can barely carry a tune. That’s what makes karaoke so much fun. It’s not how well you sing but how much energy you put into your performance. Our combination of a fun host, a huge song collection and a great sound system makes for a successful karaoke night!

Music/Bar Bingo
Play a game everyone already knows and loves – BINGO. The game is played with a card just as in a standard bingo game but instead of calling numbers and letters, music clips are played or words from a category are called out. The first person to complete their card wins the game! Venue is recommended to provide prizes.

Questionairy is a fun game of surveys. It is based on the popular TV game show Family Feud. Designed for teams, Questionairy is original surveys. Feel free to use your cell phone because you won’t find the answers online. This is different from trivia. It’s not what you know, it’s what you think you know.

Bar Pong
A grown-up version of a drinking game you played in college. No drinking required. This is a game of skill. Easy and fun for everyone to play. We bring the tables, background music, fun hosts and 80/20 split cash prizes!

Sing, Think, Eat, Drink
New and current customers will come in for karaoke, trivia, bingo or any of our weekly services. They will eat and drink. Be prepared with food and drink specials to keep them coming back! Call Rick at 401.769.1325 x10 to schedule your entertainment!

Trivia Nights
Our trivia is different than any other in the area. Our questions are for the average person and not to just those who should be on Jeopardy. We have questions that appeal to various generations. There is something for everyone!

Conundrum is a game that is perfect for those who want to give their brains a real workout. Intended for teams, each game consists of a series of puzzles that require some “outside the box” thinking. The puzzles are a mash-up of popular types of puzzles with a twist. Cell phone use is encouraged in solving the puzzles. Plenty of variety. This game is one of a kind. You haven’t seen anything like this!

Cell Phone Trivia
Use something that everyone already has with them, a cellphone! No app to download. Players log in online.

Extreme Bingo
Bingo is one of the most popular games for all ages. The same is true for Name That Tune, movies and trivia. Extreme Bingo brings these all together in an extremely fun and unique way! Pictures and videos will be played on TVs and players mark them off on their bingo cards. Can be played individually or by teams.