Corporate Games and Team Building

Team Trivia
Set up teams randomly or in advance. The host asks the questions as teams fill out their answer sheets just like at your local pub trivia night.
• Round 1: Pop Culture/Current Events
• Round 2: Picture Round
• Round 3: Geography, History & Sports
• Round 4: Puzzle Round
• Round 5: Music Round
• Round 6: General Knowledge
Fun, challenging and customizable. Prizes recommended.

Music Bingo
Play a game everyone already knows and loves – BINGO. The game is played with a card just as in standard bingo but instead of calling numbers and letters, songs are played. Phones allowed for this game! The first person to complete their card wins the game.
Simple, fun and customizable, Prizes recommended

Conundrum is a game that is perfect for those who want to give their brains a real workout. Intended for teams, each game consists of a series of puzzles that require some “outside the box” thinking. The puzzles are a mash-up of popular types of puzzles with a twist.

Go ahead and use it. Cell phone use is encouraged in solving the puzzles. Plenty of variety. There’s different styles of puzzles with surprises that will keep you on your toes. This game is one of a kind. You haven’t seen anything like this!
Fun and very challenging, Prizes recommended.

Feud Time
Feud Time is a fun game of surveys. It is based on the popular TV game show Family Feud. Designed for teams, Feud Time is original surveys. Feel free to use your cell phone because you won’t find the answers online.
Different from trivia, it’s not what you know; it’s what you think you know.
Fun and challenging, Prizes recommended.

Strolling Trivia
Strolling trivia is a customized corporate quiz or themed trivia. Your party comes alive as “Trivia Masters” roam through your cocktail, dance or dinner party delighting and challenging your guests with fun and interesting trivia questions which can be based on your party or meeting theme.
Prizes can be awarded to guests on the spot for answering correctly or being “up” on the company’s pop culture!
Trivia questions are fun and challenging. They cover a range of topics such as entertainment, science, history, pop culture, current events and more.
1 strolling Trivia Master recommended per 50 guests.
Fun, interactive and customizable, Prizes recommended

Podium Game Show
Our podium game show can be used for those times when you want to feel like you are on a real live TV game show. Now you can get that Jeopardy experience.
• Host asks trivia questions
• First one to buzz in locks out other players
• Digital Scoring
• Lights up & fun sound effects
• Interactive
• Fun and personable hosts
• Questions are customizable
Great for individual or team play, prizes recommended.

Wireless Buzzers
Our wireless buzzers allow individuals to play scattered around the room or teams can play from their tables.
• Host asks trivia questions
• First one to buzz in locks out other players
• Leader board projected on screen or TVs
• Interactive
• Fun and personable hosts
• Questions are customizable
Great for individual or team play, prizes recommended

Cell Phone Trivia
Use something that everyone already has with them, a cellphone! No app to download. Players log in online.
• Host asks “fast finger” trivia questions
• Poll the audience
• Collect feedback
• Provide clues for scavenger hunts
• Interactive
• Fun and personable hosts
• 2 to 1000 players
• No cell phone? Use a tablet or laptop
• Questions are customizable
Great for individual or team play, prizes recommended

TV Game Shows
Love watching TV game shows? We make them come to life with board games in the likeness of the ones on TV. Games are projected on screen or TVs.
• Jeopardy
• Family Feud
• Wheel of Fortune
• Hollywood Squares
• Who Wants To Be a Millionaire
• Deal or No Deal
• Minute To Win It
• Interactive
• Fun and personable hosts
• Questions are customizable
Fun, challenging and customizable, Prizes recommended

Extreme Bingo
Bingo is one of the most popular games for all ages. The same is true for Name That Tune. Extreme Bingo brings together these two fun games in an extremely fun way!
• Bingo cards are completely customizable
• Content is projected on screen or TVs
• Music Bingo
• Trivia Bingo
• Video Bingo
• Picture Bingo
• Fun and personable hosts
• Content and/or questions are customizable
Great for individual or team play, prizes recommended

A grown-up version of a game you once played in college. No drinking required. This is a game of skill. Easy and fun for everyone to play.
• Regulation size pong tables
• Printed rules on-site
• Upbeat background music
• Quality sound equipment w/microphone
• Fun and personable hosts
• Single, team or tournament play
Prizes recommended for tournament play.

Lawn Games:
Another way to keep your guests entertained, ideal for an outdoor cocktail hour, house party or indoors with high ceilings. Our lawn game rentals range from $50 to $150 per game. Contact us today to let us know which games you are interested in for your event.

Lawn Games we offer

  • Corn Hole
  • Giant  Games: Jenga, Twister, Pong, Connect Four, Tic-Tac-Toe, Checkers, Chess
  • Croquet
  • KanJam
  • Bocce Ball
  • VolleyBall
  • Ladder Ball
  • Badminton
  • Hula Hoops
  • Potato Sacks

*We can also customize corn hole which can be yours to keep!

Contact us now to book.

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